CCSN Webinar: Pharma Funding of Patient Groups

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In this webinar, our panelists explored ethics, transparency, resources, alignment and conflicts in the important relationships between companies and patient groups. 
This webinar presented perspectives from subject matter experts from the innovative medicines industry, governance experts, and patient advocates.
Hugh Scott, Executive Director, Strategic Alliances at Innovative Medicines Canada. 
Rosy Sasso, acting Director, Ethics and Compliance at Innovative Medicines Canada. 
Brian Huskins, the Senior Fellow of Not-For-Profit Governance at the Institute on Governance. 
Martine Elias, Director of Access, Advocacy & Community Relations with Myeloma Canada. 
Dr. Durhane Wong-Rieger, PhD, President and CEO of the Canadian Organization for Rare Disorders. 
Moderator: Bill Dempster, 3Sixty Public Affairs