CCSN Writes Open Letters to Provincial Health Ministers

The COVID-19 pandemic is continuing to wreak havoc on our healthcare systems across the country and seemingly neglecting cancer patients and their needs. As part of the national “Cancer Can’t Wait” campaign being spearheaded by the Canadian Cancer Survivor Network, CCSN President and CEO Jackie Manthorne has written open letters to all of the Health Ministers across Canada. These letters are written specifically to each provincial Minister of Health, highlighting ongoing concerns of cancer patients in each respective province. The letters culminate in a call to action for the health care systems of each province to invest in strengthening cancer care; from diagnostic testing to surgeries and other treatments. Cancer! Can’t! Wait!

To read the letter written to the Health Minister in your province visit our Cancer Can’t Wait page. Included in each letter is the email of the minister so you too can add your voice to our group advocating for cancer care in Canada.