Thanks for completing our survey on how COVID-19 has affected you!

Thanks for completing our survey on how COVID-19 has affected you!

The COVID-19 pandemic has put cancer patients in the untenable situation of questionable access to the healthcare system, treatments and even clinical trials, while at the same time having to worry about contracting COVID-19 in their immune-compromised condition.

Even as restrictions begin to lift and some services restart, the road back to pre-COVID cancer care remains uncertain across Canada. In fact, some medical experts have predicted that it could take up to two years for hospitals to clear the backlog of postponed services and surgeries in some parts of the country.

To assess the extent to which the disruption of cancer care caused by COVID-19 in Canada is impacting cancer patients and their caregivers, the Canadian Cancer Survivor Network (CCSN) engaged Leger, an independent market research agency, and the support of Advocacy Solutions, to conduct a national survey. Through this work, CCSN aims to highlight the physical and emotional toll on Canadians in need of access to cancer care.

Over 1,200 patients and caregivers shared their opinions and experiences through our bilingual online survey. CCSN will be sharing the results of this survey widely, including in one or more webinars, so stay tuned!

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