Cancer Screening Bill Introduced in Nova Scotia Legislature

In last month’s newsletter, the Canadian Cancer Survivor Network outlined its work with our Cancer Can’t Wait Virtual Action Weeks with politicians across the country.

Among These meetings was one with the Nova Scotia Liberal Caucus. During that meeting, we presented the results of our fourth Cancer Can’t Wait survey, and urged the province to establish a lung cancer screening program in Nova Scotia.

As a result, on November 1 the Honorable Zach Churchill, Liberal MLA for Yarmouth, introduced Bill 241, an amendment to the Health Service and Insurance Act in the Nova Scotia Legislature. This amendment sets aside money for lung cancer screening in the province to be provided for those between the ages of 50-74 who are regularly smoking cigarettes, or who have smoked in the past.

If passed, this will pave the way for lung cancer screening in Nova Scotia.

Churchill stated that the creation of a lung cancer screening program is important because Nova Scotia has some of the highest lung cancer rates in Canada. “This would follow Alberta and Ontario’s model, which would ensure that there’s a system-based approach to screening for lung cancer.” He added that not only will it save resources for the healthcare system,  it will also save lives. He urged the government to move forward with the legislation.

CCSN also encourages the legislature of Nova Scotia to proceed to second reading of this Bill in the hope that Nova Scotians at risk of lung cancer will be diagnosed early.