2nd PanCanadian Virtual Action Week Webinar Becomes an Advocate’s Dream!

The second of our PanCanadian Virtual Action Week Webinars focusing on the western provinces began with a few hiccups. Our presenter and new CCSN Public Affairs Consultant was having technical difficulties with his internet connection causing multiple disruptions in his presentation. In fact the presentation had to be cut short to avoid further interruptions and moved on to the panelist discussion. Both panelists, shared their experiences not only with interacting with MLAs and MPs in their home provinces but began sharing their advocacy journeys. Loverne Wowk, a lung cancer advocate in the Edmonton region, shared how she’s been actively writing her local MP, advocating for funding of a new target therapy that would make her treatment more accessible. Dave Nitsche, our second advocate, shared about his experience advocating to others. “You could work at it for a year and not see any results, and then all of a sudden you go out for coffee with someone who says, ‘You made me think of things differently; I’m going to come out and join you.’ So it really makes a big difference.”

Both advocates, being highly involved in cancer advocacy groups fed off of each other as they made a strong case for cancer advocacy. It gives the opportunity to build relationships, work together toward a common goal, support one another; cancer patient, caregiver, friend or loved one, everyone can be an advocate, and advocacy helps remove stigma.

To view the replay of our second Cancer Can’t Wait – PanCanadian Virtual Action Week webinars visit our 2021 Webinar Series page.