Canadian Cancer Survivor Network holds AGM on May 26, 2015

CCSN held its Annual General Meeting on May 6, 2015, at its office in Ottawa, ON.

A highlight of the meeting was the election of the Board of Directors, followed by a meeting of the new Board to elect the officers, as follows:

  • Elaine Dean returns as Chair
  • Jackie Manthorne returns as President & CEO
  • Mona Forrest returns as Secretary
  • Valérie Villeuenve returns as Treasurer


  • Cathy Enright
  • Sapna Mahajan
  • Tushar Shakya
  • Bob Robinson
  • Claudia Amar

CCSN's Annual Report was presented at the AGM, with detailed information about its activities for 2013-14. Of note:

A Seat at the Table: The objective of this new, multi-year project is to increase the number of informed cancer patients, survivors and caregivers sitting on cancer and other healthcare Boards, committees and research peer review committees where decisions are being made about cancer diagnosis, treatment, post-treatment care and research funding. 

Bone Health in Cancer Program: The purpose of this program included public awareness campaigns about cancer as a chronic disease and the impact of ongoing and often lifelong side effects from cancer and/or treatment.

Webinar Series Program: The objective of this series is to inform and educate patients, survivors, family, friends, caregivers and community organizations and to provide them with the tools to promote change. Webinar topics range from understanding Canada’s healthcare system to using social media to promote change, from demystifying private drug plans to new directions in drug approvals in Canada.

Conference presentations, speaking engagements: To educate the public and policy makers, CCSN makes presentations at meetings and conferences and undertakes speaking engagements. Examples from t2013-14 included:    

  • Presentation on CCSN at the Mayo Clinic event at Casa Loma in Toronto in September, 2014 by CCSN President & CEO Jackie Manthorne.
  • What do patients want?, a speech given at the Economic Club of Canada in April, 2104 by CCSN President and CEO Jackie Manthorne.  
  • ·Presentation on issues impacting cancer survivors at the 2014 conference of the Canadian Association of Psychosocial Oncology in Winnipeg by CCSN President & CEO. 

Questions asked during election campaigns: CCSN asks questions related to cancer care and healthcare during provincial, territorial and federal election campaigns. Questions are sent to the main parties and to all candidates to raise awareness of the issues and to identify champions. In 2013-14, CCSN asked questions during the New Brunswick, Ontario and Quebec elections ,with responses posted on our website.

Other activities are summarized in CCSN's Annual Report; please contact to receive a copy.