CADTH Announces Membership of Its Patient and Community Advisory Committee

Following a nationwide call for nominations, CADTH is announcing the membership of its new Patient and Community Advisory Committee. This committee intends to bring diverse patient, family, and caregiver voices to the organization. CADTH is a non-profit providing Canada’s healthcare decision-makers with objective evidence about drugs and medical devices in our health care system.

Twelve individuals from across the country have been invited to join the committee as inaugural members. Committee members are patients or family caregivers, and reflect the diversity of people and communities across Canada. Members will advise CADTH on all areas of the agency’s work from the perspective of individuals using the Canadian health care system.

“This important committee ensures that CADTH is even more inclusive, transparent, and accountable to patients, families, and caregivers,” said Dr. Brian O’Rourke, President and CEO of CADTH. “Working closely with patients and communities helps us better serve the health care decision-makers who rely on CADTH to make equitable choices about the appropriate use of health technologies.”

The committee will meet four times a year, and report to the President & CEO of CADTH.

Some of the selected members include: community workers, caregivers, pharmacists, patients living with chronic conditions, advocates, nonprofit workers, and education specialists.


Find more information here, along with a full list of committee members.