Apply to join the IGH Advisory Board!

CIHR has launched the 2018 IAB membership renewal of its thirteen Institute Advisory Boards (IABs). The number of members on an IAB is between eight and 14. Selection criteria and composition of the IABs is available under the IAB Selection Criteria. Consult the CIHR Institutes web pages to review their specific areas of focus.

Application forms received after April 9, 2018 will be stored in the database and considered for the next IAB renewal cycle.

Online applications can be submitted, via ResearchNet, from
February 26, 2018 to April 09, 2018.

About CIHR Advisory Boards
Each of CIHR’s 13 Institute Advisory Boards advises on Institute-specific issues and cross-Institute initiatives. Each is composed of a diverse group of national and international representatives of the public, private and non-profit sectors, including the research community and health practitioners. Institute Advisory Boards (IABs) act in an advisory capacity to the Scientific Directors of the Institutes with respect to the full range of Institute activities. These activities include deliberation and evaluation on Institute health research priorities and strategies and implementation plans for engaging the broader research community. The number of members on an IAB is between eight and 14.

Institute Advisory Boards Selection Criteria

Institute Advisory Boards are made up of individuals from Canada and abroad, reflecting the greatest possible diversity and the highest standards of excellence across the following dimensions:

  • Research expertise – across the disciplinary scope of strategic directions and research priorities of CIHR’s strategic plan, ethics, knowledge translation and Indigenous health issues and across the full range of biomedical, clinical research and research respecting health systems, health services, the health of populations, societal and cultural dimensions of health, environmental influences on health;
  • Community sectors – voluntary health organizations, Indigenous, federal/provincial/territorial/municipal government, business/industry, health-care practitioners/professionals, patient and public groups, caregivers, families and communities, policy makers;
  • Additional experience/expertise – creativity and breadth in health research; knowledge of the health-care sector, health-care usage and of health research issues; experience with the development of health and health-related policy; experience with strategic health planning, health law, training/education, communications; international and global health experience;
  • Demographics – provincial/regional/international representation, sex, linguistic preference, career stage and institutional research base.

How to Apply to Become an IAB Member

To become an IAB member, candidates must submit a completed application using the ResearchNet system including a CIHR IAB CV created using the Canadian Common CV system.

To apply, you will need the following:

  1. ResearchNet account
  3. Common CV account
  4. Common CV PIN/System Account – this is the same as your CIHR PIN

Click here for full details on how to apply.