Preventative Health Task Force refuses to lower the age of breast cancer screening

The Canadian Cancer Survivor Network joins various groups in voicing disappointment over the Task Force’s recommendation. The Canadian Task Force on Preventive Health Care has refused to lower the age of recommended breast cancer screening to 40, despite several groups urging otherwise, including the Canadian Cancer Survivor Network. The Task Force was created by the federal government to develop clinical guidelines for doctors in matters

Ottawa University Study Finds Early Breast Cancer Screening Saves Millions in Healthcare Dollars Per Year

The following is a press release from the University of Ottawa. One of the authors of this study, Dr. Anna Wilkinson, presented for the CCSN webinar series on breast cancer screening at age 40. You can find that webinar HERE. Read the abstract HERE. Early cancer screening could save Canadian healthcare system nearly half a billion dollars over patients’ lifetime Expensive, lifesaving treatments could be

CCSN’s Ontario All-party Cancer Caucus held on April 24, 2024 with a focus on cervical cancer screening and rehabilitation for cancer survivors

CCSN’s spring All-party Cancer Caucus took place at Queen’s Park on April 24, 2024,  with CCSN President & CEO Jackie Manthorne, Community Engagement Manager Lindsay Timm, and Communications Manager Trevor Smith-Millar in attendance. Presenters were Dr. Karen Yeates, Professor in the Department of Medicine, Queen’s University, Stephanie Phan, Clinical Lead at the Cancer Rehabilitation and Survivorship Program at the University Health Network, and Nadia Hegab,

Statement on Ontario’s Promise to Strengthen Protections for Firefighters

The Canadian Cancer Survivor Network (CCSN) commends the Government of Ontario for committing to introduce legislation that, if passed, will ensure wildland firefighters have the same presumptive WSIB coverage for cancers, heart injuries, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) that other firefighters do. The proposed legislation also includes positive steps for early cancer detection. Firefighters will only need to meet a ten-year service requirement to be eligible