Lung Health and Wildfires: A Threat to Cancer Care in Canada

For World Lung Day, we are reminded of the ongoing wildfires in this country and the risk it poses for the health of Canadians. The effects of these catastrophes on the lungs of the nation will be felt well into the future. The immediate impact is the disruption of cancer care and the uprooting of families of survivors and patients at a time when stability

Read Our Questions to Candidates in the 2023 Manitoba Election

To view the responses we have received to these questions, click here. Dear Candidate, Over 234,000 Canadians are diagnosed with cancer every year, with over 10,000 new diagnoses in Manitoba alone. Approximately 2,600 Manitobans die as a result of cancer yearly. Clearly, this life-threatening illness affects families, friends, co-workers, and entire communities. The Canadian Cancer Survivor Network (CCSN) is a national organization of patients, families,

The Psychological Effect of Lymphoma

Often, we talk about fear and anxiety when dealing with any form of cancer, but this is particularly true when talking about lymphoma.  What disease does this sound like based on the symptoms: recurrent fever, fatigue, breathlessness and coughing and swings in body temperature. It sounds like COVID-19 or the flu, but these are some of the symptoms of lymphoma. Excessive sweating and night sweats,

Rising Wildfires, Rising Injustice: The Battle for Fair Compensation for Firefighters

In a startling revelation, forest and wildland firefighters across the country find themselves not only battling rampant wildfires but also an unjust system that denies them fair access to compensation in cases of job-related cancer diagnoses. In 2022, wildfires scorched 1,379,632 hectares of Canadian land. However, the situation took a dramatic turn in 2023, with wildfires engulfing a staggering 16,441,400 hectares, representing an astonishing 1,091%

Cancer Can’t Wait: Governments from across Canada should expedite the implementation of a new cancer framework for Canadian firefighters

New federal legislation aims to protect firefighters from cancer. OTTAWA, ON, Sept. 5, 2023 /CNW/ – The Canadian Cancer Survivor Network (CCSN) is urging governments across the nation to make good on their promise to protect firefighters from cancer. “As we’ve said before, Cancer Can’t Wait,” says CCSN President & CEO Jackie Manthorne. “During COVID-19 we witnessed the interruption of cancer care delivery to patients.