Cancer Control is Cancer Screening

The idea of being able to control cancer seems far-fetched. After all, it is the largest killer in the world, a highly complex catch-all for several diseases. Even preventative measures are not guaranteed to work, and containing even small tumours requires the work of a team of oncologists with the support of nurses and laboratories and other healthcare infrastructure. So when I asked our CEO,

What to Know about Hemophilia and Cancer

Cancer on its own is challenging, but the health problems associated with it add layers of difficulty to the journey. Hemophilia is just one of these disorders that cancer patients must contend with that can complicate their care. Simply put, hemophilia is when blood does not properly clot. The largest risk is during surgery or injury, when bleeding fails to stop and can be life-threatening.

Cancer Can’t Wait Lands in Saskatchewan

The Canadian Cancer Survivor Network has brought our All-Party Cancer Caucus to Saskatchewan! We hosted the meeting in the province’s legislative building in Regina on April 3rd. In our meeting, we shared stories, viewed data, and heard arguments on the future of cancer care in Saskatchewan. CCSN staff were on hand, including our Public Policy Coordinator, Connor Mulders, our Community Engagement Manager, Lindsay Timm, as