Recognizing Essential Caregivers During the Pandemic

On April 5th, Canada observed National Caregiver Day – a day dedicated to recognizing the essential labour that caregivers do and the contributions they make to the health and quality of life of so many Canadians.

Cancer in Canada in 2022

An estimated 233,900 Canadians will receive a cancer diagnosis in 2022, and 85,100 will die of cancer.

Responses to CCSN’s Open Letter Slowly Trickle In

In January, CCSN’s President and CEO, Jackie Manthorne, wrote to all of the Health Ministers across Canada as part of the national “Cancer Can’t Wait” campaign. These letters were written specifically to each provincial Minister of Health, highlighting ongoing concerns of cancer patients in each respective province. The letters culminate in a call to action for the health care systems of each province to invest