The International Liver Cancer Movement has a new website!

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new website for the International Liver Cancer Movement ! The International Liver Cancer Movement (ILCM) is the first ever global movement in liver cancer, bringing together patient orgs/communities, medical societies, policy makers, the private sector and other actors to work together, share resources and co-create. Since its inception in the beginning of 2021, the ILCM has

National Cancer Survivors Day

On Sunday, June 5, Canada celebrated National Cancer Survivors Day. This day, which takes place each year on the first Sunday in June, honours everyone who is living with a cancer diagnosis. In 2022, there are more cancer survivors than ever. It is estimated that 43 per cent of Canadians will be diagnosed with cancer within their lifetime. Moreover, rates of cancer death are expected

June 26 National Cancer Wellness Awareness Day

JOIN THE MOVEMENT STRIVING TO EMPOWER ALL CANADIANS DID YOU KNOW THAT: One in two Canadians is expected to develop cancer in their lifetime and most don’t know about cancer wellness programs that can help them live well with cancer? Learning to live WELL with Cancer is Imperative! Don’t be a passive recipient of Cancer, learn how to be PROACTIVE! GET INVOLVED ! Join us

Ontario Election: Questions for Parties and Candidates

Cancer care is poised to be a key issue in the Ontario provincial election on June 2. CCSN is asking three questions of each and every candidate and party in the 2022 Ontario election about what they will do, if elected, to address key issues facing current and future cancer patients and survivors: