Clinical Trials Ontario Celebrates Tenth Anniversary

The need for accurate data in treating cancer is essential and its impact is felt across healthcare in general. Clinical Trials Ontario (CTO) has been providing this information for the last ten years, and now they have the stats to prove it. A decade ago, the Government of Ontario realized that there was a decline in clinical trials activity. In response, CTO was created by

Cancer Screening Bill Introduced in Nova Scotia Legislature

In last month’s newsletter, the Canadian Cancer Survivor Network outlined its work with our Cancer Can’t Wait Virtual Action Weeks with politicians across the country. Among These meetings was one with the Nova Scotia Liberal Caucus. During that meeting, we presented the results of our fourth Cancer Can’t Wait survey, and urged the province to establish a lung cancer screening program in Nova Scotia. As

In-person All Party Cancer Caucus meetings resume in Ontario

Parliamentary Assistants to Minister of Health, Health Minister Staff, Opposition Health Critics and MPPs in Attendance The Canadian Cancer Survivor Network (CCSN)’s Ontario All Party Cancer Caucus has lived up to its name, with members of all parties attending the meeting at Queens Park last week. CCSN held the caucus on October 26th to discuss pressing concerns about cancer care with Ontario MPPs. CCSN staff

Start breast cancer screening at 40, add supplemental screening, says Dense Breast Canada Doctor

The guidelines on breast cancer screening need to be changed.  Dr. Paula Gordon with Dense Breasts Canada recently chatted with us about breast density and how it complicates getting tested, but she adds there is another part to making sure the cancer is caught early.   “17 percent of breast cancers occur to women aged 40 to 49. Although breast cancer is less common in younger

How Breast Density Makes Cancer Harder to Find

Mammograms are considered the gold standard in finding breast cancer in women, but one of the leading experts in the disease says the very structure of breasts could hinder the procedure. Dr. Paula B. Gordon is the Medical Advisor for Dense Breasts Canada, a non-profit composed of breast cancer survivors and healthcare professionals who are raising awareness about the risk of breast density in diagnosing

If You Want to Get Screened for Lung Cancer in Ontario, Be Prepared to Travel

You are displaying the signs of lung cancer. You have the chest pains, the coughing up of blood and the fatigue associated with the disease, but you need to be screened to know for certain. If you live in Ontario, what’s next? The province is the largest and most populous in the country, but lung cancer screening is sparse. For potential patients who are hoping