It’s the Most Charitable Day of The Year

Canadians living with cancer during the pandemic are looking for something special this year – the right to cancer testing and treatment without delays. The Canadian Cancer Survivor Network is acknowledging #GivingTuesday this year, by encouraging Canadians to participate to include the patient voice to decision makers, in order to resume cancer treatment, because cancer can’t wait. Covid-19 has forced significant delays and cancellations of

New Normal Same Cancer

Oncologists worldwide are concerned about the disruptions COVID-19 has caused to cancer treatments. When the world stopped, cancer didn’t. Don’t wait. Get checked!

Protect Our Access

The federal government has proposed new regulations that threaten your access to life-saving medicines. These changes mean fewer life-changing medicines available to us. It will force Canadians to leave the country for better medical care—if they can afford it. Act now! Visit the website to learn how you can make a difference! New PMPRB Guidelines Effective January 1, 2021 PMPRB Guidelines PMPRB Newsletter: October 2020, Volume 24,

COVID-19 & CancerCantWait

The COVID-19 crisis has heightened anxieties and concerns among patients and caregivers about receiving adequate cancer care. It has also led to postponed appointments, procedures and treatments which have clearly taken a toll on the emotional wellbeing of patients and caregivers. Although interactions with health care professionals continued, they tended to be virtual rather than in-person. However, cancer can’t wait. The delay and cancellation of