PEI Government Announces Breast Density Notification Program

The government of PEI has announced that it will be including breast density notifications in its breast cancer screening program by the Fall. Dense breasts are an important risk factor for breast cancer, as dense breast tissue makes tumours harder to detect. It is recommended that women with dense breasts be screened more often, but women are not usually informed of their breast density. The

Launch of the NoMatterMyAge Campaign

Genomic Health, Inc. has launched their NoMatterMyAge campaign, focused on raising awareness around age bias in cancer care, including access to genomic tests for breast cancer patients. The campaign highlights key facts and statistics about genomic testing based on SEER data and treatment assumptions in younger and older patients. The NoMatterMyAge campaign focuses on educating and raising awareness about the need for all breast cancer patients,

Health Canada Releases Report: Drug & Medical Device Highlights of 2018

Health Canada has released their report “Drug and Medical Device Highlights 2018: Helping you maintain and improve your health”. This is part of their commitment to make more information available to patients and the public. The report covers new & innovative drugs and medical devices approved for sale in Canada and potential safety issues. You can find some of the highlights below. Drugs for human

Show and Tell: Cancer-related lymphedema the topic of CCSN’s Fourth Ontario All-party Cancer Caucus meeting

The Canadian Cancer Survivor Network (CCSN) returned to Queen’s Park for its fourth All-party cancer caucus meeting on May 30, 2019. In this session, CCSN invited the Lymphedema Association of Ontario (LAO) to continue discussions on cancer rehabilitation and share with MPPs one of the important and often unacknowledged side effects of cancer treatments: lymphedema. Jackie Manthorne, President & CEO of the Canadian Cancer Survivor

Did You Miss our Free Webinar: The Link between Income Inequality and Access to Health(care)

Date held: Thursday, June 27th, 1:00- 2:00 PM EST Presented by: Dr. Ambreen Sayani In this webinar: Many factors influence the ability of individuals to perceive their need for healthcare and to seek appropriate and timely treatment. The focus of this webinar is to describe what we mean by income inequalities and to illustrate how rising levels of income inequality negatively influence the ability of

Catalyst for Change: In Support of the Charitable Sector

Ottawa – The federal government needs to renew its relationship with charities, non-profits and volunteers if it is to sustain good work in the future. In a report released last Thursday, the Special Senate Committee on the Charitable Sector details the strategies and regulatory reforms needed to maximize the impact of this sector in communities both here in Canada and around the world. Established in