New cervical cancer portal provides essential information for Canadian women

Ottawa, December 10, 2015: The Canadian Cancer Survivor Network is pleased to announce the launch of its newest website portal on cervical cancer at . Approximately 1,050 Canadian women are diagnosed with cervical cancer annually, and this number increases every year.  For those dealing with this type of cancer, the journey from diagnosis to treatment and management of the disease is rarely a road

Help support cancer survivors this holiday season!

Cancer patients and survivors 360: not just fighting the disease, but also the financial, emotional, spiritual, social and work life during and after cancer.  There are one million cancer survivors in Canada – so there is an “after cancer” life for so many. How will we live that life? Lifelong medications are expensive, fear of recurrence is pervasive, economic impact can be long-lasting – what

Webinar – New Directions in Drug Approval in Canada

Webinar InformationThis webinar was titled: New Directions in Drug Approval in Canada. The webinar was hosted by 3Sixty Public Affairs’ Bill Dempster. It examined how new treatments are reviewed and approved for sale in this country, with a particular emphasis on Health Canada’s regulatory modernization initiative. It was also an opportunity to discuss patient involvement in Health Canada reviews as well as the special access program.  YouTube