Better support system needed for cancer survivors

(NC) Canadian cancer patients are living longer than ever, with many patients now experiencing cancer as a chronic condition instead of an incurable disease. Did you know that 63 per cent of Canadian cancer patients live longer than five years after diagnosis, and that number rises to 81 per cent if they survive past the first year? But a recent survey conducted by the Canadian

Free postcards from CCSN now available to order!

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Cancer becoming a chronic condition for Canadian patients

Yet Canadians in the dark about cancer survival rates OTTAWA (June 24, 2014) – Cancer isn’t always a matter of life and death anymore – today, an increasing number of Canadians are living with cancer as a chronic condition. However, the majority of Canadians and the healthcare system have not necessarily responded to this shift. “The fact is, 63 per cent of Canadian cancer patients

Jackie Manthorne’s May 2nd presentation at CAPO 2014: Issues Impacting Cancer Survivors

Jackie Manthorne, President & CEO of CCSN, attended and presented at the 2014 conference of the Canadian Association of Psychosocial Oncology in Winnipeg, April 30-May 2. The 2014 conference brought together interdisciplinary professionals to explore, share, learn and discuss the psychosocial aspects of cancer. CAPO’s annual conference convenes researchers, clinicians and community-based organizations from several professions, including: medical, psychiatry, nursing, psychology, social work, spiritual care,