Ontario Health Coalition Speaks Out on Recent Ford Government Healthcare Decision

Below is a statement from the Ontario Health Coalition regarding the Ontario Government’s decision to use private clinics to address the surgical backlog in the province. Calling Ford’s plans to privatize Ontario’s public hospital surgeries a “fatal threat” and a “terrible blow” to our public hospitals, health advocates vow major fightback Toronto – The Ford government’s plans to privatize our public hospitals’ vital services are

Fighting Fires Equals Fighting Cancer

It’s no secret that firefighting is a dangerous job. Each year dozens of names are added to the Fallen Fire Fighter Memorial run by the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF). Between 2019 and 2020, 469 firefighters were added to the wall in Colorado Springs. But while most would have the idea that firefighters made that sacrifice in burning buildings, the truth is much more

Cancer Screening Bill Introduced in Nova Scotia Legislature

In last month’s newsletter, the Canadian Cancer Survivor Network outlined its work with our Cancer Can’t Wait Virtual Action Weeks with politicians across the country. Among These meetings was one with the Nova Scotia Liberal Caucus. During that meeting, we presented the results of our fourth Cancer Can’t Wait survey, and urged the province to establish a lung cancer screening program in Nova Scotia. As

If You Want to Get Screened for Lung Cancer in Ontario, Be Prepared to Travel

You are displaying the signs of lung cancer. You have the chest pains, the coughing up of blood and the fatigue associated with the disease, but you need to be screened to know for certain. If you live in Ontario, what’s next? The province is the largest and most populous in the country, but lung cancer screening is sparse. For potential patients who are hoping

Results of new blood test cause for optimism for early detection

There are so many types of cancer out there, it’s easy for them to pass under the radar. For a disease where early detection is critical, getting the right test is extremely important. Especially for diseases like pancreatic or ovarian cancer, not being able to detect it until it’s in advanced stages is why it is so difficult to survive it. On top of this, many

Join us in welcoming the Lung Health Foundation’s new CEO

September 21st, 2022  There is a new head of the Lung Health Foundation. The Board of Directors has appointed Jessica Buckley to the role of Chief Executive Officer. Chair of the Foundation Dan Markovich welcomed Buckley, saying they are thrilled to have her guiding their work. Buckley comes from an entrepreneurial background in the sports and entertainment industry. She is the former Senior Vice President