We are becoming concerned about Long COVID

While the drumbeat news about COVID-19 can be overwhelming, a new aspect of the pandemic is coming to light that is giving us here at the Canadian Cancer Survivor Network some concern. Initially, the public thought that COVID-19 was a one-off virus. You get it, and two weeks or so after infection, you’re in the clear, like any common cold. But sometimes, even if you

Cancer Screening Bill Introduced in Nova Scotia Legislature

In last month’s newsletter, the Canadian Cancer Survivor Network outlined its work with our Cancer Can’t Wait Virtual Action Weeks with politicians across the country. Among These meetings was one with the Nova Scotia Liberal Caucus. During that meeting, we presented the results of our fourth Cancer Can’t Wait survey, and urged the province to establish a lung cancer screening program in Nova Scotia. As

If You Want to Get Screened for Lung Cancer in Ontario, Be Prepared to Travel

You are displaying the signs of lung cancer. You have the chest pains, the coughing up of blood and the fatigue associated with the disease, but you need to be screened to know for certain. If you live in Ontario, what’s next? The province is the largest and most populous in the country, but lung cancer screening is sparse. For potential patients who are hoping