My reaction to Picard’s Globe and Mail column Are breast implants a form of mutilation?

While Andre Picard’s January 17, 2012 article about cosmetic surgery to increase breast size is well thought out and sensible, the title of the article – Are breast implants a form of mutilation? – is sensationalist and ignores the tens of thousands of women around the world who have reconstructive surgery after having had a mastectomy as part of breast cancer treatment.
Many (but not all) women who lose one or both breasts to cancer view this loss as a form of mutilation and reconstructive surgery as one way of regaining their femininity. I therefore believe that articles like Mr. Picard’s, which rightfully point out our society’s obsession with large breasts and the dangers involved in cosmetic surgery solely to increase the size of women’s breasts, should at minimum mention the difference between purely unnecessary cosmetic breast enhancement and breast reconstructive surgery.

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