Cancer can be expensive to treat and manage. In a literature review conducted by the Canadian Cancer Society in 2010, findings showed that most of the costs incurred by patients and their families were traced back to travelling expenses, out-of-pocket costs, and cancer drugs and prescription medicines. This section is meant to provide financial aid and resources specific to cancer patients and their families residing in Ontario.

Canadian Cancer Society:

Here is a snapshot of the information about Ontario on the CCS website:

Contacts for the:

  • Ontario Health Insurance Plan
  • Ontario Public Drug Programs
  • The Trillium Drug Program
  • Drugcoverage.ca
  • Canada Revenue Agency – Medical Expenses

Additional sections deal with:

  • Getting income from your assets.
  • Employer-based income programs.
  • Government income programs based on your income, such as the Ontario Disability Benefit Program and Ontario Works.
  • Govenment income programs based on your contributions/premiums and amounts paid through employer, such as Employment Insurance Sickness Benefits, Employment Insurance
  • Compassionate Benefits, Canada Pension Plan Disability Benefits.
  • Suggestions for support during financial stress.

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You can also call their Cancer Information Line at 1-888-939-3333.

Cancer Centres

Wellspring, a Canadian Cancer Wellness Centre, offers the Money Matters Resource Centre; it has information on government income programs, community resources and support to help cancer patients cope with the financial difficulty that can come with a cancer diagnosis. Most of their centres are located in Ontario.

CancerCare Ontario

CancerCare Ontario reimburses hospitals for administration of injectable cancer drugs used according to established funding criteria for patient eligibility. Their drug reimbursement programs are administered by the Provincial Drug Reimbursement Programs (PDRP) Unit.