British Columbia

Cancer can be expensive to treat and manage. In a literature review conducted by the Canadian Cancer Society in 2010, findings showed that most of the costs incurred by patients and their families were traced back to travelling expenses, out-of-pocket costs, and cancer drugs and prescription medicines. This section is meant to provide financial aid and resources specific to cancer patients and their families residing in British Columbia.

BC Pharmacare Formulary

The BC PharmaCare Formulary search lists all medications and some diabetes supplies that PharmaCare covers and reviews of the medications that PharmaCare does not cover.

British Columbia Cancer Agency

The BC Cancer Agency provides access to information about drug coverage in BC for cancer drugs as well as supportive medications to treat the symptoms of cancer patients. Further information is available about various financial support programs for cancer patients for medications and other requirements for their care:

  • Reimbursement and Forms
  • Financial Support Drug Program (FSDP)
  • BC Palliative Care Benefits Program
  • Additional Financial Resources for Patients

For patients who require financial assistance beyond that available through other sources, additional funding may be available through the regional Cancer Centres. Contact the Patient and Family Counselling Department at the nearest Cancer Centre for further information.

The BC Cancer Agency also provides information Financial Assistance, including several videos and sections on:

  • What health coverage and services are available in BC?
  • What other options might help with medical costs?
  • What help is available for non-medical costs?
  • I can’t work right now, what are some options?

Canadian Cancer Society

You can call the Canadian Cancer Society Information Line at 1-888-939-3333 for additional information.