Launch of 3 Minutes about Sue

Many of you will remember Sue Richards as the founder and publisher of Breast of Canada, which was an artistic calendar designed to inspire people to have greater awareness about breast health and breast cancer prevention. Sue is also an award-wining artist, blogger and social entrepreneur.

Sue published six issues of Breast of Canada before being diagnosed in 2009 with Parkinson’s Disease, which resulted in her being unable to work or to continue to publish Breast of Canada.

Breast of Canada was very much a labour of love for Sue, who donated every penny of profit from the calendar to the breast cancer community. Once diagnosed with Parkinson’s, she found herself living in poverty, with no income and no disability pension. Friends set up a Helping Friends page for Sue to help support her. You can access this page at .

Sue has blogged and Facebooked about her illness and how it has affected her life. She says, “The symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease are greatly exacerbated by stress and my current financial situation is very stressful. I am unable to work or collect disability. I’ve exhausted my savings and dug a deep hole in my line of credit. All these conditions add to my daily struggle and stress levels. My hope is that the video will reach a wider audience of helping friends willing to subscribe to me and help ease the financial stress. Less stress means fewer symptoms.”

Today is the launch of Sue’s video, entitled 3 minutes about Sue. This video, by Jeff Bird, has Sue describing what it’s like to live with Parkinson’s, and how she couldn’t get by without a lot of help from her friends. You are invited to watch this video, and if you can, become a friend of Sue’s by making a monthly or one-time donation to help Sue survive financially and to keep her in her home.


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