Jill Hamer-Wilson (1965-2022)

We have lost Jill Hamer-Wilson, one of most passionate lung cancer advocates, not only in Ottawa, but also in Canada, the United States, and further afield. Jill was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer nine years ago, and called herself a unicorn for having survived for so long. Sadly, she succumbed to lung cancer in November 2022.

Jill was passionate about leaving the world in a better place, one where all lung cancer patients would be diagnosed early and would survive this cancer. As well as working with the Canadian Cancer Survivor Network, Jill was actively involved in the White Ribbon Campaign, volunteered with Lung Cancer Canada, the Lung Health Foundation, and the Canadian Cancer Society, and was an active member of the Ottawa Lung Cancer Circle. Many of you may remember meeting her at conferences, including World Lung Cancer Conferences. Her positive attitude and her smile have left lasting memories for all of us.

Jill is survived by her children, Jonah, 21; Abigale, 19; and Kai, 15. We invite you to keep them in your hearts as they continue their life journey without their Mom. Messages to them are welcomed and can be sent to jmanthorne@survivornet.ca.

As Jill said, “Every day is a gift!” In memory of Jill, let’s live that way.