Happy Mother’s Day

A mother can be a lot of things.

A mother can be the one that gives you a hug, right after you hear your cancer diagnosis.

A mother is the woman at the grocery store with two young children, who’s dealing with her metastatic breast cancer.

A mother can be a person who just found out that her child has a rare form of leukemia.

A mother can be the one who helps around the house, takes care of the kids or simply gives you a shoulder to lean on when things become too tough.

A mother is someone that you’d still do anything for, because you know she’d do the same for you.

A mother can be someone who battled through a variety of different treatments, so that she can still be with you years later.

A mother can be someone that cancer took away from us too soon.

Mother’s Day is a day where many people show their appreciation for their mothers or mother figures. When dealing with something like cancer, there is no way to express the importance of a mother regardless of what you experience throughout the cancer journey. The Canadian Cancer Survivor Network would like to wish all mothers and mother figures a happy Mother’s Day, and thank you for everything that you do to help improve our lives. We hope you have an amazing day.

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