Green Party PEI Responses To CCSN Questions

Q1: The Green Party recognizes the importance of early interventions to reduce illness and improve long-term outcomes. The Green Party would work to ensure a lung cancer screening program is available to Islanders, building off the experience and successes of other provinces. We would also look to ensure all at-risk individuals have access to this program.

Q2: A Green Government would not interfere in medical decisions but would allow medical professionals to determine the best course of action for their patients. We support giving our medical professionals as many tools and options as possible for improving the health of Islanders.

Q3: A Green government would partner with the agricultural industry to promote the responsible use of pesticides, which we believe is a shared interest of the agricultural sector and the public. We support initiatives to reduce the use of pesticides, including Integrated Pest Management, introduction of low-input crop varieties (e.g. “Prospect” potatoes), low- or no-till agriculture, and organic production. We would also work with the Chief Public Health Office to ensure there is timely reporting and education on cancer rates and risks on PEI.