Yv Bonnier Viger, MD, MSc, MM, CSPQ, FRCPC, candidat dans Lévis

Health Services

Your party he favors a funding model for health services focused on the patient rather than a funding model based on the establishment, and if so, why?

Financing of health services must take into account both the patient population and setting. The network’s mission of health and social services is not only to provide services on demand but to produce health and well-being.

Concretely this means that the budget will be allocated to each health region in terms of its demography, its geographical characteristics, indicators of health and well being of its people and the types of services (in proportion) that the exemption region (first , second, third and fourth line). For example, if the CSSS de Laval should get a bigger budget for its population and specialized services it provides to the North Shore of Montreal, for against the Cree Board of Health and Social Services of James Bay should see Adjusted budget to the extent of health and welfare and the geographic dispersion of its small population.

If the slogan “money follows the patient” seems interesting at first, it must be understood that oversimplifies the complicated exercise of resource allocation in our network.

Drug approval

HealthEdition.com said that in 2011, Quebec was the eighth of the ten Canadian provinces for what was to cover new treatments against cancer. If elected, will your government he committed to increasing the number of new drugs approved reimbursement for the care of cancer or other diseases, so that all Quebecers have timely access to medicines it needs, and if so, how will he accomplish?

It is certain that government Québec solidaire ensure optimal treatment for people who can benefit. Everyone agrees, however, that these treatments should be validated or be part of a research protocol duly validated. Sell ??false hope is certainly not what people with cancer or other serious conditions ahead.

Québec solidaire wants to offer all citizens es-es Quebec universal drug coverage, develop the search of the best molecules and ensure optimal production of generic drugs. Coupled with the resources that are currently found in the National Institute for Excellence in Health and Social Services (INESSS) Pharma-Québec proposed by QS, accelerate making the availability of physicians, pharmacists and their patients best meds at the best cost.


Yv Bonnier Viger, MD, MSc, MM, CSPQ, FRCPC Candidate in Lévis Québec solidaire