YOU ARE INVITED – Prevent Cancer Now Annual General Meeting

Prevent Cancer Now Annual General Meeting
 Monday May 25, 2020, 7 pm Eastern Time, Online

Prevent Cancer Now membership (no charge) is required prior to the annual general meeting. Click here to join. An invitation will be sent when your membership is received.

Prevent Cancer Now is a national voice for healthy and least-toxic choices and substitutions, founded on strong, pragmatic science.

Like to know more? Check out their mission, vision and work.

If you have a passion for prevention consider joining the Prevent Cancer Now Board!
This Board meets once a month, online. PCN is a working, volunteer board that welcomes generalists, scientists, health care providers, legal or governance experts, policy analysts, topic enthusiasts and experts, advocates with a social focus (e.g., child health, occupational health), communications experts and fundraisers. Expect up to an 8 hour minimum monthly commitment.

Please get in touch with Prevent Cancer Now at – many heads and hands leads to great hope!

Prevent Cancer Now is a Canadian national civil society organization including scientists, health professionals and citizens working to stop cancer before it starts, through research, education and advocacy to eliminate preventable contributors to cancer.