Wisdom and Love in Action Zoominar Series

We are delighted to share with you our brand new Healing and Cancer Six Part Series – Wisdom and Love In Action Zoominar which is led by Dr. Rob Rutledge

The weekly sessions commence on Saturday, October 30th at 11am – 12:30pm EDT (Noon – 1:30pm ADT) and conclude on December 11th. With the exclusion of November 6th when there is no session.The course is open to anyone who has been given a cancer diagnosis of any type and stage, at any time. Your loved ones are welcome to join us.

Cost is $120 per household with bursaries available to those in low income households. The cost of the course should not discourage you from attending, we are an inclusive charity that wants to ensure everyone can attend our courses.

The purpose of the Wisdom and Love in Action Series is two-fold. Firstly, Oncologist Rob Rutledge provides clear advice based on scientific evidence about what you can do to empower yourself at the level of the body. Understanding how to tap into your healing potential through proven healing techniques and habits will also improve your mental and emotional health, and maximize your chance of recovery from cancer.
What’s unique about this six-part zoominar series is how Dr. Rutledge will work with you to integrate the proven advice into your life. Paradoxically, the most effective way to make long-term changes to your daily healthy habits is to generate a great sense of love towards yourself – especially when you fall short of your goals. This course will therefore focus on self-compassion and reframing applied against the challenge of practicing the activities of healing techniques and self-care. Come join Dr. Rutledge in this wonderful opportunity of combining Wisdom and Love in your life.
Learn to:
  • Maximize your chance of recovery from cancer
  • Improve your physical and mental health
  • Sleep better and learn about an anti-cancer diet
  • Reframe difficult thoughts and emotions
  • Empower yourself with proven healing skills
  • Includes open discussion and home practice
  • Opening with a Setting of Intention
  • Open discussion about struggles and success stories from daily practice
  • Lecture – Practical Empowerment (subjects include physical activity/sedentarism, how to sleep better, anti-cancer diet, stress reduction techniques, maintaining a reasonable weight)
  • Healing Skill e.g. Body Scan, Qi Gong, Standing Meditation
  • Reframing Practice with group discussion
  • Assignment of Home Practice