Register Now! When the pan-Canadian Oncology Drug Review Says “No,” Then What?

Presented by Ryan Clarke LL.B.

The pan-Canadian Oncology Drug Review (pCODR) is an evidence-based, cancer drug review process.

In this webinar:

Attendees will learn important factors in pCODR processes. Presented by Ryan Clarke LL.B., Founder and President of Advocacy Solutions, this webinar will provide the following:

– An overview of drug approval and reimbursement processes
– A closer look at the pCODR process
– A closer look at the pCPA process
– Patterns between pCODR recommendations and pCPA outcomes
– Methodology, findings, and conclusions of CCSN research into pCODR recommendations from 2019
– What can you do if pCODR says “no”
– What should you do if pCODR says “yes” (given COVID-19)

The pCODR process is designed to bring consistency and clarity to the assessment of cancer drugs by reviewing clinical evidence, cost-effectiveness, and patient perspectives, and using this information to make recommendations to Canada’s provinces and territories (except Quebec) in guiding their drug funding decisions. Interested in learning more?

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