CCSN Webinar – What Men Told Us: CCSN’s Prostate Cancer Survey Report

Join CCSN and our presenter, Filomena Servidio-Italiano, the President and CEO of Colorectal Cancer Resource & Action Network, for our webinar on Oct.1 where we discuss the results of “What Men Told Us: CCSN’s Prostate Cancer Survey Report”.

Filomena will be reviewing the results of CCSN’s National Prostate Cancer Survey based on the recently released Prostate Cancer Survey Report.  The webinar promises to be insightful as it will identify and highlight the overarching themes that resonated consistently throughout the survey results from survey respondents. The results will be presented according to the patient, survivor, and caregiver perspective who all provided meaningful and thoughtful input.  Join us as we learn more about the prostate cancer journey, and the need to better inform and support prostate cancer patients and their caregivers in Canada.