Webinar: Engaging Patients and Caregivers with Clinical Trials

Join us to learn about tools and resources that CTO has co-developed with patients as partners to related to engaging patients and caregivers with clinical trials. If you’re interested in exploring potential participation in a clinical trial, CTO has credible information for you to learn more about clinical trials and to look for a potential clinical trial. If you’re interested in collaborating as a member of a clinical trial team, CTO has built resources for you to help prepare you to contribute on a research team. This presentation will walk you through a number of resources, no matter how you may wish to be engaged with clinical trials.

About the presenter: Dawn Richards, PhD, is the founder of Five02 Labs Inc., and Director of Patient and Public Engagement at Clinical Trials Ontario. With a PhD (Analytical Chemistry) from the University of Alberta, and experience in a variety of roles during the past 20 years, it is her diagnosis with rheumatoid arthritis fifteen years ago that started her journey to combine her passion for science with making the most of her diagnosis. In her role at CTO, Dawn is charged with executing on CTO’s strategic pillar of patient and public engagement.