Webinar: Cancer Can’t Wait! CCSN’s Fourth Leger survey on COVID-19 and cancer care.

About this webinar:
In this webinar, presented by Marjut Huotari, Vice President of Healthcare Insights at Leger, you will learn about cancer patient and caregiver concerns as society opens. How do cancer patients feel? What risks are they willing to take?

About the presenter:
Marjut Huotari has a Bachelor and a Master of Business Administration from the Schulich
School of Business, York University. She is a marketing professional with over 20 years of
experience working with the pharmaceutical industry, including 14 years working in the
pharmaceutical industry on the client side. With Leger, Marjut manages both qualitative and
quantitative market research, conducting research with a variety of healthcare practitioners and
patients. With her team, she aims to help her clients to understand the issues and help develop