Webinar: Bladder Cancer Canada Understanding Carcinoma in Situ

September 13 at 8pm ET Bladder Cancer Canada will be hosting a webinar entitled Understanding Carcinoma in Situ. This webinar will be presented by Presented by Dr. Peter Black.

In this webinar, Dr. Peter Black will discuss what CIS is, how it is different from other types of bladder cancer and why this early stage of bladder cancer needs to be treated aggressively.

About Bladder Cancer Canada:
Bladder Cancer Canada is the first and only Canadian patient advocacy organization dedicated to bladder cancer issues.
Their vision for the future is raise awareness, support and research to create a world where bladder cancer is just a memory
They are working to achieve this vision through the efforts of volunteers across Canada and with the support of distinguished, leading medical professionals on their Medical Advisory Board and their Research Advisory Board, who are also volunteers.

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