Prostate Cancer Conference

Prostate Cancer Canada Network – Ottawa (PCCNO) is pleased to announce that they will be hosting a Prostate Cancer Conference in Ottawa in 2017. PCCNO believes holding such a conference in the Nation’s Capital will be of great benefit to all those involved in dealing with this disease including survivors, patients (current and newly diagnosed), family members, health care practioners and researchers.

The conference will focus on the following:

1.    The progress and current status of prostate cancer treatment,
2.    Learning and awareness of new approaches and research, and
3.    Achieving an overall understanding of the disease for survivors and families

PCCNO is excited to be holding such a conference in the Nation’s Capital. Ottawa is fortunate to have world class medical specialists and research facilities. Members of the urology/oncology treatment team from The Ottawa Hospital will help develop and participate in the conference program. It is their goal that the topics addressed at this event will be sufficiently varied and informative to suit the interests of all persons directly or indirectly impacted by this disease.

The Winchester Black Walnut Prostate Cancer Support group is cooperating with PCCNO in this effort. Likewise, Prostate Cancer Canada is offering its support.  With September being Prostate Cancer month, hosting a conference at that time will place added focus to this health issue. The PCCNO feels this event can help current and new prostate survivors who depend on PCCNO for advocacy and support.

The conference will begin Friday, September 15, 2017 with registration and an evening reception. On the following day (Saturday, September 16th) there will be a full program with a catered breakfast and lunch. This will be an exceptional learning opportunity for both PPCNO members and guests.

For more information on the event, please click here.