Primetown 2022

In partnership with CancerCare Manitoba and the CancerCare Manitoba Foundation, Young Adult Cancer Canada (YACC) will host Primetown 2022, a virtual cancer summit for young adults and those who care for them.

From June 2-4, hundreds of participants from coast to coast will attend digital workshops, keynotes, panels, social events, and more designed to help cope with cancer when you’re in the prime of life!

We will empower, educate, connect, and support through workshops, keynote speakers, panels, and social activities.

A sense of community for everyone

In a 2006 study, Dr. Brad Zebrack found young adults dealing with cancer in their late teens, 20s, and 30s want to connect with other young adults with cancer more than they need any other group. We suspect peer supporters, parents, healthcare professionals, and researchers feel the exact same way.

Information and education focused on self-care

The YAC Prime study showed that young adult cancer patients and survivors cope with high levels of distress, body image distress, fear of cancer recurrence, low quality of life, sleep deprivation, financial struggles, and so much more. YACC’s got your back with programming that will support you (and those you support) along the road.

More fun than you’d expect from a cancer summit

Like all YACC events, Primetown will be filled with laughter, lightness, and FUN. We hope this virtual road trip gets you out of your comfort zone and opens your mind (and your heart). Connect with fellow young adults who have been diagnosed with cancer, meet fellow caregivers, and hear from Canada’s leading healthcare experts in a forum designed to foster community, connection, and education.

Young adults and their supporters

  • Gain empowering information to help you live life and love life.
  • Learn about the main issues faced by young adults.
  • Opportunities specifically for supporters to learn, connect and community-building.
Parents and primary caregivers

  • Gain insight and information on how to help your child/ grandchild/niece/nephew/etc.
  • Learn how to care for yourself.
  • Opportunities for connection and community building.
Healthcare professionals

  • Gain information to enhance and inform your practice and your work with the young adult cancer population.
  • Focus on self care and reflection on your work and its trials, triumphs, challenges, wins, etc.
  • Opportunities for connection and community-building.


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