National Breast Cancer Coalition’s 2017 Advocate Leadership Summit & Lobby Day

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New Highlights Include:

Plenary Session: How Can We Understand and Stop Metastasis? Breast cancer is lethal when it spreads to other organs. How can we understand this process and learn to stop it so no one dies of the disease? Learn from experts who are beginning to answer these questions and gain an advocacy perspective on the issue.

Plenary Session: Approaches to Health Care Reform: How to Make Sense of it All? Get a broad understanding of what the debate is all about; learn about the different perspectives in health care from patient advocacy to insurers, employers and public policy analysts.

Plenary Session: How Can We Stop Women and Men From Getting Breast Cancer in the First Place? Primary prevention is difficult. There are different approaches to preventing breast cancer, none of which have given us answers to date. Hear about where we are in this area from experts in vaccines, lifestyle influences and advocacy.

Workshop: An In-Depth Understanding of Congress’ Role in Ending Breast Cancer. It’s complicated. But we need to understand the ins and outs of congressional process in order to influence it. The115th Congress includes new Members, returning legislators and a new legislative landscape. Hear from the experts and learn about committee structure, process, and jurisdiction over health care issues.

Have some fun! Experience Life in the Fast Lane at the Annual Women With Balls® Advocate Bowling Challenge. Join us, have a few laughs and roll some balls! Create a fundraising page today.