Mongol Rally

Mongol Rally – in memory of Andrew (Tweny) Szpecht.

In July 2017 Patch, Rundell, and Mitch will drive 17,000 kms across mountains, deserts and multiple continents from Goodwood motor circuit in the UK to Ulan Ude in Russia. Embarking on this adventure as part of the annual Mongol Rally. A ridiculous journey, with no support, no back up, just us three and our $1,000 bomb of a car. We are enduring this impossible mission for an important charity and we need your help.

To enter the rally we are required to raise $1,000 for the official Mongol rally charity “Cool Earth” who work alongside indigenous villagers to halt rainforest destruction in the Amazon. Plus at least $1,000 for the charity of our choice “Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada’ supporting brain tumour research and treatment in memory of Andrew (Tweny) Szpecht.

In January 2011 Andrew moved to Australia on a work holiday visa after finishing his studies at university. While his parents visited him for what was meant to be an exciting family holiday to the Australian open, they noticed something strange about his facial movements and took him to the hospital to be checked out. Andrew was diagnosed with a Gioblastoma Multiforme (GBM) brain tumour – one of the most common and malignant of glial tumours. It was 8 cms long. Doctors operated immediately but were unable to remove all of the tumour.

After his first cycle of chemo the doctors cleared Andrew to fly home to be with his family while he continued treatment. In such a destructive time it was inspiring to see Andrew maintain such a positive outlook and continue to live life to the fullest, getting out snowboarding and hiking at his favourite spots. The aggression of the Glioblastoma was extreme though and within a year Andrew took a turn for the worse. His doctors tried experimental treatment but unfortunately on May 7, 2012 at 23 years old he passed.

Andrew was and amazing son, brother and friend. It’s with great hardship that others endure this same pain. We hope that with proper research and development, families such as Andrews can have more options for better treatments. We aim to raise awareness of GBM and assist in accelerating the pace of brain tumour research with the hope of finding a cure.

Our team “Here’s Good” are mates who share that same passion for adventure, desire to aspire and zest for life as Andrew had. Together we hope to raise a significant amount in his memory. Please help us by donating, share this page or follow our adventure on Instagram at “heres_good_mongol_rally”.

Here’s the best part about your donation. All funds will be DOUBLED! We are directing the funds to the Pediatric Brain Cancer Impact Grant as we believe that it’s time for exceptional change in process of brain cancer research.