Lymphoma Canada’s 6th Annual National Patient Conference on Lymphoma & CLL

On October 18,19 and 20th Lymphoma Canada will be hosting it’s 6th annual National Patient Conference on Lymphoma & CLL. This patient-focused educational event will be held virtually and will include live presentations by expert faculty and specialists across Canada. Topics will range from disease and treatment-specific information, the importance of knowing your lymphoma subtype, how to speak with your friends and family about the disease, to COVID-19 updates for patients.

About Lymphoma Canada:

Lymphoma Canada is a national charity that for 24 years has connected patients, their family and friends, medical professionals, researchers, volunteers, and donors to build a strong lymphoma community. A community that conducts research to learn lymphoma’s causes, to develop better treatments, and to find a cure. A community that helps people talk about and cope with the fifth most common cancer in Canada. A community that invites you to get and give support.