LSO Breakfast Series

This event is put on by Life Sciences Ontario

We are entering a new era of medical research and advancement based on our understanding of the human genome and the genetic basis of disease. This offers huge potential for the millions of Canadians whose lives are impacted by rare diseases, most of which have a genetic cause. However, for patients to benefit from these new advancements, a concerted, integrated approach is required to allow our healthcare system to identify, adopt, and deliver new and emerging therapies and diagnostics. Quebec became the first province in Canada to announce a dedicated strategy for rare diseases on June 6, 2022. Other jurisdictions, such as the UK, have also implemented such strategies. Ontario, Canada’s most populous province, and home to the largest life science cluster, has an opportunity to embrace the new era of science and healthcare for the benefit of both patients and our economic development. Having an integrated strategy for managing rare diseases in the province will provide better access to diagnosis and care for patients while building our life sciences sector as a vital pillar of a prosperous and growing economy.

Representatives from Quebec, the federal government, and the UK will share their insights on their respective rare disease initiatives, followed by a panel discussion including patient and industry representatives from Ontario.