Just Sweat!

Just Sweat! is an upcoming fundraising event from Carley’s Angels, an organization whose mission is to make integrative cancer care accessible to everyone. The aim of integrative cancer care is to address the needs of the patient as a whole person: this can include, for example, nutrition, exercise, and mental health. Carley’s Angels funds programs that provide treatments that contribute to integrative cancer care. For example, they funded a psychosocial oncology program at Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Kids, which recently became permanent.

Here’s how to get involved in Just Sweat:

  1. Once you’ve registered, you get mailed a shirt that, when it gets sweaty, displays the logo of of the event.
  2. Then, anytime on July 24 or 25, put on your shirt and move around, get sweaty! There will also be Zoom exercise sessions available to registrants during the event.
  3. You can then post a photo of yourself in your sweat-activated shirt on on social media, tagging @carleysangels on Instagram, or email it to info@carleysangels.ca, for a chance to win a prize!

For more information and to register, go to Just Sweat | Carley’s Angels.