Jurisdictional Roles in Canadian Healthcare & Determinants of Health Systems: Systemic Inequities in Canada

This event is part of the Patients Redefining the Future of Health Care in Canada 7th Annual Summit webinar series.

This webinar will describe the roles of the federal and provincial/territorial governments in health care law and policy as well as health care delivery. It will include new organizations created since 2021 and updated mandates for existing organizations. The webinar will also define the social determinants of health and and health inequities plus discuss the relationship between them. In addition, the roles of federal, provincial/territorial and municipal governments in various social determinants of health will be explored, as well as the systemic inequities created by the fragmentation of responsibilities in healthcare and the determinants of health.

This talk will be presented by Louise Binder, health policy consultant for Save Your Skin Foundation & Leah Stephenson, Backbone Support of the Integrated Models of Care and Data Working Groups and Strategic Lead of All.Can Canada. Talk will start at 12 PM EST.