HTA ENGAGEMENT: A colab webinar series

the cancer collaborative will be hosting a webinar series on HTA engagement for patient advocates and clinicians.

the series is meant to provide a resource platform that engages with stakeholders and encourages better informed HTA participation, creates a better understanding of what is required from patient organizations to create meaningful engagement with HTA and how to deliver it, how to create meaningful dialogue with patient organizations and clinicians to understand their gaps and limitations and provide resources to meet those needs and create a global community to pull resources to create valuable patient submissions.

in this series we will look at how can we create more consistent and meaningful engagement with patient organizations and clinicians throughout the HTA process so that health policies are patient focused and seek to achieve best value as defined by all stakeholders.

the first webinar will be held on november 28, 2019 [in english] with Sarah Berglas from CADTH and Michelle Potvin from INESSS. subsequent dates will be announced.  the webinar series will also be available in french in the new year

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