HPV Prevention for Cancer Survivors | Featuring a Session on Reducing and Anxiety with Mindfulness

Thurs., May 20th @1-2 PM EDT

Presented by: Dr. Nancy Durand – Associate Professor at the University of Toronto; Abbey Morris – Mindfulness, Meditation, and Yoga Instructor

This unique webinar will provide cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers with practical information about HPV prevention along with guidance on how to incorporate mindfulness and meditation into one’s lifestyle.

Dr. Durand will review the changing landscape of HPV-related diseases and cancers. We will discuss methods of HPV prevention for current cancer patients and cancer survivors. Attendees will learn about the evidence for HPV vaccination in adults. Practical tips will be provided on how to access HPV vaccination.

Abbey Morris will unpack the profound impact of mindfulness and meditation in reducing stress and anxiety. She will explain why mindfulness is so important, how we can fit it into our own lives in a way that works for us & practice a mindfulness exercise together to explore these strategies further. Throughout this presentation she will discuss ways to make this simple for us to bring into our day to day.