Forum: Designing A Canadian 21st Century Pharmacare to Optimize Access to 21st Century Therapies

Date: November 8, 2018 – November 9, 2018
Location: Ottawa, Ontario
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How can we be sure that Canadians will have access to 21st therapies under National Pharmacare? The only solution is to design a 21st Century Pharmacare Program.


CORD will host a two-day “work session” engaging international thought-leaders, Canadian wizards, policy makers, payers and providers and, of course, lots of patients. While the National Pharmacare consultation is considering broad issues such as “public vs. private pay” and “list of essential medicines”, we will focus on a system that will “optimize individualized treatment”. Day 1 will present “state of the art” and “best practices” on key challenges, including how to promote R&D for innovative medicines, assure timely access to drugs for small patient populations (orphan drugs, precision medicines), create pathways for advanced cell and gene therapies, and create monitoring systems for appropriate use.


We invite all stakeholders concerned about drugs for rare disorders, precision therapies, complex and combination therapies, off-label and “advanced access” therapies, and potentially curative cellular and gene therapies.

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