CORD Webinar Pharmacare Debate Series: Beyond the Formulary: Smart Pharmacare for 21st Century Therapies

Beyond the Formulary: Smart Pharmacare for 21st Century Therapies

FORMAT: Panel Debate with Discussion

Some innovative “breakthrough” therapies, including “personalised” medicines and gene therapies have the potential to dramatically improving patient outcomes or cure disease but they are being introduced at prices that are unaffordable for any publicly funded healthcare system. Moreover, at time of approval, there is little evidence of potential long-term benefits and long-term savings in healthcare costs. Canadian drug plans and the healthcare systems are not set up to make these therapies available to the general patient population; they should be introduced only on a “trial” basis.

The 21st Century life-saving and life-altering therapies are already here, and Canadian patients must not be left behind. A Smart Pharmacare program will go beyond the narrow deliberations on universal formulary and “public vs. private” funding and engage in dialogue with a broad range of experts and stakeholders to create innovative “financing” models and schemes to assuring these 21st century therapies are available to Canadians as soon as elsewhere in the world.

Patient Perspective:
Canadian patients run the risk of denial to these breakthrough therapies, caught between the silos of “drug funding” and “healthcare funding” unless new models of integrated access are developed. To assure optimal cooperation, patients must be engaged in this dialogue as informed and equal stakeholders.

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This is one of six webinars in a National Pharmacare Debate series hosted by CORD.
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