Collaborating for a Cure – Pancreatic Cancer Research Event

A Fundraising Evening in Support of Groundbreaking Pancreatic Cancer Research

Pancreatic cancer will be the #2 cancer killer by 2020; that is just a little over two years from now! This is due to how little is still known about this disease (and how to treat it) as well as its increased incidence. The current 5-year survival rate is roughly 7% – in other terms, 93% of people diagnosed with pancreatic cancer die within 5 years and most within just a few months. This is not an old person’s disease; it targets people at all ages and impacts young and dependent families as well as those in their retirement years. Innovation and collaboration is the key to solving the deadly puzzle of pancreatic cancer. It is therefore with a strong sense of urgency that a leading group of cancer researchers and clinicians in Canada and Israel have joined forces to better understand this devastating illness, first at the genomic level and then to translate those findings in clinical testing to offer patients real hope for a longer life.