CCSN’s Remarkable Cancer Survivor’s Guide to Getting the Best of Conventional and Complementary Medicine – Webinar Series – Part 2

We are excited to announce our 8-part empowerment series: CSSN’s Remarkable Cancer Survivor’s Guide with Dr. Rob Rutledge. This series will cover a variety of psychosocial issues affecting cancer patients and survivors and provide tools for coping with the many challenges brought on by COVID-19.

Please find links below to register to our webinar series for the CCSN’s Remarkable Cancer Survivor’s Guide taking place this fall:

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The Remarkable Cancer Survivor’s Guide to Getting the Best of Conventional and Complementary Medicine – Sept. 30

Oncologist Rob Rutledge provides an overview of cancer, its treatment and how to get the best medical care in this empowering presentation. He follows with practical advice about diverse complementary treatments and techniques, and how to integrate them into your healing journey.


Upcoming webinars:

The Remarkable Cancer Survivor’s Guide to Healing at the Level of the Body  – Oct. 14

Oncologist Rob Rutledge provides practical ways to unleash the body’s healing potential through physical habits and techniques – done with an attitude of peace, love and gratitude.

The Remarkable Cancer Survivor’s Guide to a Healing Diet – Oct. 28

Following a Healing Diet is among the most powerful ways remarkable cancer survivors maximize their chances of healing and recovery.  Oncologist Rob Rutledge provides an overview of the components of a Healing Diet, and addresses many of the issues people have about this controversial topic.

The Remarkable Cancer Survivor’s Guide to a Healthy Relationship with Stress – Nov. 11

How can you work with stress in a way that empowers you and nurtures your body’s natural capacity to heal? Oncologist Rob Rutledge offers a multi-level teaching seminar full of practical ways to transform and reframe stress based on the latest of brain science and proven healing techniques.

The Remarkable Cancer Survivor’s Guide to Transforming Emotional Energy for Healing – Nov. 25

Releasing suppressed emotions and increasing positive emotions are two of the ways remarkable cancer survivors facilitate their own healing. Join Psychotherapist Timothy Walker, PhD, and Oncologist Rob Rutledge as they overview this little discussed topic and outline ways people can do this deeper work to promote health and happiness.

Nurturing a Spiritual Perspective – Dec. 9

In this webinar, Dr. Rutledge will be joined by Rev. David Maginley (Hospital Chaplain, cancer survivor, and author) and offer ways of tapping into the most mysterious and healing part of our humanness. They will discuss near-death and end-of-death life experiences and other aspects of positive spirituality. This presentation will be inclusive of people from all spiritual orientations including those who consider themselves atheists.

Radical/Spontaneous Remission – An Oncologist’s Perspective – Dec. 16

Dr. Rob Rutledge has been studying the attributes and actions of remarkable cancer survivors for over 30 years. In this final presentation of the 8-part series, he shares his deepest beliefs about the conditions people can create in their lives to manifest the miraculous.


Previous webinars in series:

Healing and Recovery – Sept. 16 (Click on text to view webinar)

How do you maximize your chance of recovery after a cancer diagnosis? In this first of eight webinars, Oncologist Rob Rutledge gives an overview of everything you need to do to heal physically and otherwise. From getting the best care from the medical system, to practicing proven mind-body techniques, to nurturing a spiritual path, learn what remarkable cancer survivors do to manifest health and happiness.