CCSN Webinar – Rare Cancers: How to Empower Patients and Advocacy Organizations through Collaboration

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Friday, December 9th
1:00pm – 2:00pm EST

Webinar Information:

The cancer survivor community knows the statistics about cancer all too well: that nearly half of all Canadians will develop cancer over the course of their lives, and that a quarter of them are forecasted to die from the disease.  The more common types of cancer are well known and the subject of major funding, research and caregiver networks, with breast, colorectal, lung and prostate most often top of mind.

There are dozens of less prevalent cancer types that face significant and different challenges in terms of organization, research and support.  The prognosis for many rare cancers is improving as new treatments come online, however, in Canada, getting access to new therapies and clinical trials is one of many challenges faced by small communities often struggling with the disease and dealing with life’s myriad other challenges.

This special Canadian Cancer Survivor Network webinar will explore what individual caregivers can do, how groups can work together to pool resources and share best practices and information, and provide concrete recommendations for the broader cancer community in Canada.

The webinar will feature three panelists with a wealth of experience:

·    David Josephy, President of GIST Sarcoma Life Raft Group Canada

·    Martine Elias, Director of Access, Advocacy & Community Relations with Myeloma Canada

·    Durhane Wong-Rieger, President & CEO of the Canadian Organization for Rare Disorders (CORD)

The webinar will be moderated by 3Sixty Public Affairs’ Bill Dempster.

Join the presenters to learn more about how patients are working with each other, the clinical and research community and health systems, to improve the lives of Canadians affected by rare cancers!

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