CCSN Webinar: Precision Medicine in Oncology – Helping Guide Treatment Pathways For Clinicians and Patients

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Tuesday, November 29
1:00pm EDT – 2:00pm EST

Webinar Information:
Cancer care is increasingly tailored to individual patients, who can undergo genetic or biomarker testing soon after diagnosis, to determine which treatments have the best chance of shrinking or eliminating tumours.

At our upcoming webinar, the Canadian Cancer Survivor Network will feature a pathologist and clinical oncologist to talk about:

  • how they are using these new tests
  • how they communicate results and treatment options to patients and caregivers, and
  • how patients can be better informed on the kinds of tests that are in development or in use across Canada 
The webinar will be co-hosted by 3Sixty Public Affairs’ Bill Dempster and Rachael Manion, who will introduce the topic, and discuss emerging issues on how diagnostics are regulated and reimbursed across the country. 

An interactive discussion will follow, featuring pathologist Dr. Diana Ionescu of the BC Cancer Agency and oncologist Dr. Paul Wheatley-Price of the Ottawa Hospital.  Webinar participants will have an opportunity to ask questions of the panel.
Join the presenters to learn more about this emerging area in cancer treatments and how to improve patient access to precision cancer therapies!

Presenter Information:
Dr. Diana Ionescu, an oncological Pathologist at the BC Cancer Agency and clinical professor at the University of British Columbia’s Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, screens patient samples for the presence of biomarkers to inform patient care plans and works to advance pathology practices as the science in this area continues to evolve.

Dr. Paul Wheatley-Price, Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of Ottawa’s Division of Medical Oncology and Chair of Medical Advisory Committee of Lung Cancer Canada, treats lung and breast cancer while conducting clinical trials and research to improve tools for clinicians to develop a better picture of prognoses. 

Bill Dempster, CEO of 3Sixty Public Affairs, is a seasoned health and pharmaceutical policy expert who works with a range of clients to navigate complex political, policy, regulatory and reimbursement challenges.

Rachael Manion, Senior Associate at 3Sixty Public Affairs, draws on her legal background and government policy experience to provide strategic advice to clients.

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